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what is the rules for using do , go or play !?


? what is the rules for using do , go or play
ما هي قواعد استخدام do , go or play !؟

 1/ DO 

do + an activity involving arts , individual type of exercise or a non team activity that doesn't use a ball ...
do : يأتي بعدها غالبا انشطه فردية لا تضمن اللعب بالكرة 
EX. I heard that you do karate .
EX. I do some puzzles in my free time .

 2/ GO 

go + sports that ends with ( ...ING ) except : Boxing , Weight training ( it takes do 'cause it is neither a team sport nor include a ball ) ...
 go : يأتي بعدها غالبا أنشطة تنتهي ب ing ...
EX. i will go fishing on Friday .
EX. i will go shopping today .
EX. you may lose some weight if you started go swimming on a daily basis .
EX. i do weight training every week.

 3/ PLAY 

play + sports that uses a ball ( basket ball , football ) and used also for competitive games where you play against another one or team .. except : Bowling ( it takes go ) ...
play : يأتي بعدها غالبا أنشطة تستعمل الكره فيها , او أنشطة تنافسية ...
EX. let's play tennis . ( uses a ball )
EX. how often do you play poker . ( competitive game )
EX. i do like playing computer games ( competitive games )

try to come up with a different examples and write it down in the comments ... and support us by sharing the post with your friends .. thank you 

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